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Hi, I’m Dacey. I started my career with Teletext Holidays India back in 2007. I joined as an agent, then worked as a trainer for various teams. I’ve worked on both long-haul and short-haul holidays, and on top of that, I sold cruises for 3 years, back in the day when we still did that. I was a Team Lead for 3 years, then got promoted thrice within one year! Now I am Head of Sales and Operations. It’s been a beautiful journey.

When I go on holiday, I travel with my family. I have one son, who has completed his 10th grade and is in college now. He studied Maths and Science at Cambridge International, an international school in India. Now, he’s started to learn Artificial Intelligence. He is 16 years old and already 6 feet tall. Because he is my only son and he doesn’t have a sibling, I do everything with him: we play cricket together, we do watersports together, we go on scary rides together - I even overcame my fear of heights to go paragliding with him! But more about that later.

My Favourite Travel Pictures

“I do everything with my son - we travel together, play sports together and go on scary rides together. We’ve had so much family fun on our travels - him, my husband and I.”

The Hidden Gems I’ve Found

“Meet the multicultural Goan community at The Fisherman’s Wharf!”

One of the best beaches in Goa, India is Calangute Beach. It is the largest beach in Goa and it’s popular with Indian and international tourists because it’s so clean and beautiful. My favourite restaurant in the area is The Fisherman’s Wharf - they serve delicious local cuisine and great seafood to the multicultural Goan community. The staff is super friendly. When I visited Goa, we must have dined at The Fisherman’s Wharf four times in one week! It’s a very international environment and you’ll find a lot of people there from the UK.

My Favourite Destinations

My Dream Destinations

My dream destination would be the Maldives. I have dreamt of going there from when I was a child. Now that my son has completed his 10th grade, we were planning to go in May or June - I wanted to surprise him, but because of Covid, we couldn’t go. Now, I might try again for next year.

It’s actually a place for honeymoons and such, but I did some research and found out that it’s also a good destination to do watersports with kids. It’s bound to have a beautiful underwater life for snorkelling and scuba diving. We were looking at a hotel that’s right in the middle of the sea, surrounded by water.

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