A Bit About Me

Having traveled all over Greece and most of Europe, I discovered that traveling is something I was to pursue for the rest of my life. Over the years I cultivated a fascination for traveling responsibly, trying to help local communities, and being respectful of the environment and cultures of each country I visit, something that I always take into account when planning a trip.

My Favourite Travel Pictures

“Once a year travel to a place you've never been to before!” - Dalai Lama

The Hidden Gems I’ve Found

“The streets of the Greek islands are the most marvellous hidden gems.”

“Once a year travel to a place you've never been to before!” - Dalai Lama.

This quote has motivated me again and again to travel and experience destinations I never did before. And while some destinations remain close to my heart and I tend to return to them again and again, I make the effort to include a new unexplored destination in my travel itinerary every year.

The small old streets of the Greek islands are truly some of the most marvellous hidden gems I’ve discovered during my travels.

My Favourite Destinations

My Dream Destinations

Tokyo is probably my dream and also the next destination on my list. The culture there is so different from the one I’ve grown up with - that makes it so fascinating for me. Another destination is California. I want to sunbathe in Venice Beach and experience the carefree Hollywood lifestyle once in my life.

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