Top Ten Photography Destinations

Whether you’re a holiday snapper extraordinaire, an amateur picture-taker or a professional photographer, check out our top ten photography destinations, all stunning holiday locations for you to visit with your camera this year. We’ve taken our own peek around the globe to select our most favourite picturesque locations. From India to Alaska and from Kenya to Australia, focus your lens on our top ten most scenic locations that we’re sure will have your feet itching!

With its captivating sights and sounds, India is a picture waiting to be taken, whether it’s colourful street scenes or stunning wildlife shots you’re after.
Photography holidays cover anything from elephant-back safaris seeking Bengal tigers in the jungle to trips into the desert and marshes of the Little Ram of Kutch, home of the wild ass.

alaska1 300x193 Top Ten Photography DestinationsAlaska
Mountains, glaciers and spectacular wildlife will have you snapping away in this unspoilt wonderland – and there’s the even the chance to catch a shot of salmon as they leap.
Expect whales, porpoises, seals, sea lions and walruses by the coast. Inland, bears, moose, wolves and beavers are among many animals awaiting your lens.

hawaii 300x199 Top Ten Photography DestinationsHawaii
One of the world’s most photographed places, the island’s of Hawaii captivate with stunning beaches, soaring volcanic peaks, bustling Honolulu and an exotic landscape.
Wildlife opportunities include sea turtles and whales. There are natural geysers, rainforest and botanical gardens, all complemented by a rich cultural heritage.

Have a look at our Holiday Guide to Hawaii for more inspiration!

canada 300x198 Top Ten Photography DestinationsPolar bears, Canada
The polar bear is a must for would-be wildlife photographers, and Churchill in Canada is the ideal location to catch the beautiful beast on camera.
On the shores of Hudson Bay, there are tundra lodges and buggies allowing snappers to view mothers and cubs close up as they wait for the ice to harden before they hunt for seals.

kenya 300x192 Top Ten Photography DestinationsSafari, Kenya
The wildlife is phenomenal – and then there’s the varied landscape. The size of France, Kenya has arid desert, mountain massifs, savannah, lakes, forest and even glacial ice.
In the game reserves, like the Maasai Mara National Reserve, there are hordes or wildebeest, gazelles and zebra – and you can expect predatory cats like lion, leopards and cheetahs too.

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Ayers Rock (Uluru), Australia
Rising 348m from the desert floor, with a circumference of about 9km, Uluru is a spectacular site – particularly at sunset, when its colour changes from orange to red and purple.
Uluru is an ancient and important part of Australian Aboriginal history and culture and there are plenty of photo opportunities of prehistoric art sites, as well as present day exhibits.

costa rica 300x162 Top Ten Photography DestinationsCosta Rica
Costa Rica is synonymous with outstanding flaura and fauna – which means great pics for budding photographers. There are scores of national parks, rainforest, volcanoes and lakes.
The Maranco Biological Reserve is home of the rare scarlet macaw. Then there are monkeys, butterflies, thousands of flowering plants and orchids splashing colour on lush vegetation.

Niagara Falls
Traditionally a place for American honeymooners, dramatic Niagara Falls remains a magnificent spectacle – a mecca for photographers.
On the lower Niagara river, there are two distinct falls – The American Falls and the Canadian Horse Shoe Falls. Walk under or fly by helicopter over them for a different angle.

Whale watching
Catching a whale in action must be on the wish-list of every serious photographer and there are opportunities to snap away all over the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic.
Head to Baja California and Hawaii to see the Pacific humpback, the Caribbean Sea to glimpse the humpback and sperm whale and the Azores to find sperm, blue and humpback whales.

peru1 300x237 Top Ten Photography DestinationsPeru
With its ancient Inca ruins, colourful cities, stunning scenery and huge array of flora and fauna, Peru ticks all the right boxes for a great photographic holiday.
There are more than 40 national parks and reserves covering almost the 10% of the country. The diversity of wildlife is amazing – over 1,700 species of bird thrive in the Amazon area alone.

Why delay, book a photography holiday today!

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