The promise of a package holiday instantly conjures up ideas of relaxing on a lounger, cocktail in hand, idyllic ocean water lapping at your feet , the sun beating down, with every need being cared for and not a worry in the world. Jennifer tells us of the true cost of a holiday to Malaysia.

One of my most memorable holidays was to Malaysia, when my parents splashed out on what they thought to be an all inclusive holiday to an incredible island resort.  The reason as to why my parents would want to take their three grumpy teenage daughters to what can only be described as pure paradise perplexes me to this day, but with all the costs covered, my parents were optimistic about the perfect family getaway. From airport transfers, boat transfers and drinks to parasailing, tennis equipment and towels (yes, towels!) there was a hidden cost at every turn. Whilst my dad sat smiling at dinner I couldn’t ignore the feeling that he was weeping like a small child inside.

Unfortunately, the sad reality of so many ‘all expenses paid holidays’ is that there are a lot of hidden costs that will leave you panicking before you have even left the airport.  So many offers promise the world but lurking at the bottom of the page, in the fine print, is a list of things not included.  Here are a few things to consider before you hit the book now button:

  • Luggage
  • Transfers
  • Credit Card/ Debit Card fees
  • Insurance
  • Booking Fees
  • Protection Fees

With all these factored in you then depart on your holiday, arrive at your hotel and the extra costs again start piling up:

  • Drinks
  • Sport Activities
  • Spa Treatments
  • Shuttle Buses
  • Kids Clubs

We took it upon ourselves to investigate several top holiday providers to see if their offers lived up to their package deal promises. We searched for a 3 star holiday to Tenerife departing in June and unsurprisingly none of the lead in prices represented the real cost of the holiday. Out of all the holidays searched only one included transfers and luggage. Below is a breakdown of one of the offers and some of the unexpected costs:

3* All Inclusive Tenerife departing from Gatwick on the 5th of June
Advertised Price = £380 per person

Not Included:

  • Transfers = £39 per booking
  • Luggage = £28 per bag
  • Debit Card Fee = £9
  • Travel Insurance = £14

Total: £90 Extra

Actual Cost = £470

Based on the offers we researched, the extra costs, which included things from transfers to in-flight meals, on average amounted to around £70 and if travelling as a family of 4, you are looking at close to £300 more than anticipated.  And these extra costs do not even include what you might spend once on holiday.

What Teletext Holidays are looking to do is to make all these hidden costs more transparent. So as well as getting great savings and exclusive deals you can rest easy in the fact that you will be paying the advertised price.  People plan, scrimp, save and dream of a memorable, relaxing and exciting holiday so the last thing anyone would want is to feel cheated by big claims that don’t necessarily deliver.