Introducing Esther Shaw – Our New Cash Saving Blogger

For anyone who needs to find their way through the maze of holiday discounts and make sense of all things connected with saving money on your holiday, then our new blogger Esther Shaw is here to help.

Esther Shaw Teletext Holidays Introducing Esther Shaw   Our New Cash Saving Blogger

Esther Shaw, here to help

Formerly deputy money editor of the Independent, Esther is an award-winning journalist who is an expert on all things to do with cash and how to invest, save and spend it.   For the last four years she has written for the money sections of a wide range of media on a freelance basis including the Daily and Sunday Express, the Times, Sunday Times, the Observer,  Moneywise and amongst other outlets.

Over the next few months Esther will be covering all sorts of things to help you get maximum value from your holiday.  Doing Florida on a budget, saving for a holiday and finding a way to ski without sliding into the red will be just some of the things she’ll be writing about.  Her advice is independent and geared towards helping you get maximum value from your holiday.

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