Generic - Brand - Bamboozle on TV (2)

Since setting ourselves up on the internet before Teletext’s TV data service closed in 2009, Teletext Holidays has been able to offer the same great deals and package holidays – last-minute and otherwise – every day. However, one popular page on our blocky, brightly-coloured forefather to the interweb no longer acted as a partner to our daily deals, and we’ve set out to change that. After some serious negotiations with one of the most famous quizmasters in British history, we’ve managed to bring back a classic to work alongside us once more!

Bamboozle, which tested the great nation of Britain on a huge and diverse range of topics on a day-to-day basis, has been revived by our team – and we managed to get Bamber Boozler back in the presenter’s chair to ask the tricky teasers that had players second-guessing themselves so often during the game’s original TV tenure between 1993 and 2009!

Plenty of people will be looking for a slick and modern update, but that won’t outweigh the demands of the hardcore Bamboozle faithful. As such, we’ve preserved the classic. We’ve kept the graphics and question format exactly the same as they were over its 16-year run, though the four-colour Fastext inputs are clicked now; put that remote down!

It took a while for us to collar Bamber – he became an international jetsetter, making it hard to pin him down. You see, after he received an assumedly sizeable pension, Bamber and his family took dozens of flights and stayed in plenty of hotels during his four-year sabbatical – and it’s inspired Mr Boozler to now test the nation with his intimate knowledge of the world he’s learned over that period.

His upcoming 12-question quizzes will offer queries on different topics and themes. Whether it’s relating to a country, type of event or one of a number of historical locations, you’re sure to be put through your paces – and you may learn a thing or two along the way! Our blog will release a partnering article for each quiz, so you can read a bit more about the kind of thing Bamber’s asking you about. You never know, his passion for travel may rub off on you, and you could find yourself looking for a holiday somewhere you’d never even thought of!

It seems like the deal has worked out for everyone. “I loved being in the hotseat each and every day for 16 years in a row, and when it came to an end, I felt like I’d missed out on the chance to see the world,” said Bamber, as he entered his hotel on Strand before being swarmed by roving reporters, who would have recognised his perma-grin and jet-black hair from miles away. “When you work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, I guess you don’t really have the time to consider how many things you’ve missed out on.

“My wife Bambette and I left Buster and Bonnie with my sister-in-law so they could finish their studies, and we travelled the world. The problem was, everywhere I looked, I saw new facts… new questions. Everything was interesting, and I knew the British public were missing out. I want them to see what I saw; coming back to chair the quiz once again seemed more attractive by the day.”

He confirmed that now is as good a time as any, not least because of a newly-quiet house. “Buster’s now on a gap year in South America, Bonnie just got onto her BA in Quizology at Cambridge and my wonderful wife Bambette is at home finally taking advantage of simple peace and quiet for the first time since we had the twins,” he said. “There’s no better time to get others to don their thinking caps!”

Don’t forget to use Facebook and Twitter share your scores and challenge friends to regular duels – and look out for the final link to Teletext Holidays’ blog on the chosen subject for each quiz! In the meantime, take part in the first Bamboozle quiz at its new home!